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by Wolf Garner


The Power of the Coming Race

In 1871, Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote a work of science fiction entitled The Coming Race, later
reprinted as Vril, The Power of the Coming Race. The work is about a man who enters a mine in an
undisclosed location and travels deep into the earth to discover an ancient race residing there called the
Vril-ya. The Vril-ya looked similar to humans, but were whiter, with strange facial features. They were
taller than humans and the women were the dominant sex, being even taller than their men-folk. The Vril-
ya possessed a natural energy called Vril, which he described as being like electricity, but also like a
fluid. This energy was alive in all things and could be created and controlled through living bodies, but
could also be used to power machines, for which the Vril-ya used it to power flying craft and robots
among other things. The Vril-ya were assisted in the channeling of this energy by use of staffs and wands,
which could be specifically useful in vaporizing hostile creatures to nothing but ash. It turned out that this
Race had once lived on the surface of earth and will one day return again and no doubt come into
collision with humanity, which would not bode well for mankind, due to man’s inferior technology and
lesser evolved mental capabilities. The Vril-ya were like gods and one day, humanity was bound to
become their slaves.

In 1873, Louis Jacolliot used the term vril in connection with the magical practices of the Janists of
India, who happen to use the swastika as the symbol of their religion. In 1888, H. P. Blavatsky published
a book called The Secret Doctrine, in which she claimed the inhabitants of Atlantis had used vril energy
to construct massive buildings, but that the energy was misused and it destroyed Atlantis, causing some of
the inhabitants to go underground. Blavatsky also claimed John Ernst Worrell Keely had discovered vril
in his highly controversial ether generator. In 1896, William Scott-Elliot wrote in his book The Story of
Atlantis, that the Atlanteans used vril to power airships, just like the Vril-ya. In 1904, there may have
been a theosophist styled, secret society founded in London, called the Vril-ya Club.

In 1898, at the Electrical Exhibition at Madison Square Garden, Nikola Tesla first revealed his
telautomaton; a wireless, remote-controlled boat. Many claimed he had been inspired by the robots in
Bulwer-Lytton’s sci-fi work, though Tesla denounced such notions. Throughout his life, claims would
continue to hound him that various inventions of his had been inspired by Vril: The Power of the Coming
Race. These inventions specifically included his death ray research since the 1890s, culminating in his
official announcement of his death beam in the 1930s, wireless, electrically powered, aerial flying craft,
including war machines, shaped like zeppelins or cigar shaped UFOs, his beliefs in the power of the will,
or his belief that a day would likely dawn on humanity when the female sex would become dominant over
the male.

The Society for Truth

In 1935, German rocket scientist Willy Ley, fled Nazi Germany and arrived in America. After
World War II, he spoke openly of the things he had witnessed including Nazi Scientist’s pursuit of
“magic,” of which he wrote in his well known 1947 article, Pseudoscience in Naziland, for the American
Magazine, Astounding Science Fiction. This article, currently available online, touched on the Nazi’s
pursuits of pendulum dowsing, the hollow earth theory, and the World Ice Doctrine, but the one that
would thrive the most in years to come, was that of the Wahrheitsgesellschaft (The Society for Truth), or
at least that’s what he had been told the name of the society was. It was based in Berlin and the society’s
main goal was to harness vril energy. Ley was also told that one of their practices or a sort of warm up for
using vril was to contemplate an apple, sliced in half. He also stated that this Society for Truth published
“the first issue of a magazine, which was to proclaim their credo.” Ley further said that the Society didn’t                                                        actually believe in the existence of the Vril-ya race, but that the power described in Bulwer-Lytton’s book
was based upon that of a real energy force, much akin to Qi or Animal Magnetism.

In 1960, the Society for Truth was slightly recast by two French authors Louis Pauwels and Jacques
Bergier when they published their book The Morning of the Magicians. In this international bestseller, the
authors mention Willy Ley, but furthered his whispered knowledge with their own research of the subject.
They supposedly discovered Ley’s Society for Truth was also called the Luminous Lodge, but more
commonly known as the Vril Society. Pauwels and Bergier claimed the Theosophical history was
partially to blame for the forming of the Society, which actually believed in the god-like Vril-ya and like
the Nazis, were searching for the means to become the supermen or master race, in order to be accepted
as brothers by the Vril-ya when they returned from the Hollow Earth, while the other races would be
enslaved. The purpose of harnessing the vril energy was so that they could evolve to the same level as the
“true master race,” Lanz’s Theozoa, or what legends from across the world seem to term the “Unknown
Supermen.” According to The Morning of the Magicians, “The notion of the ‘vril’ is mentioned for the
first time in the works of the French writer Jacolliot, French Consul in Calcutta under the Second
Empire.” This appears to be describing Louis Jacolliot’s mention of vril among the Janists of India,
though this was actually mentioned in 1873, meaning that it came two or three years after Vril, The Power
of the Coming Race and was not actually the first time the word vril was used, but that for lack of a better
word to describe the Janist concept of energy, Jacolliot used the newly popular word among the science
fiction realm as a substitute.

The Vril Project

In the 1990s, the legend of the Vril Society burst forth again in the writings of multiple books,
beginning with an article written in 1992 by a German, semi-secret society called Tempelhofgesellschaft
(THG), which was founded in the 1980s or early 1990s by some members of the Neo-Nazi organization
Erbengemeinschaft der Tempelritter, whose leader was a former police officer called Hans-Gunter
Frohlich. The THG was founded in Vienna by Norbert Jurgen-Ratthofer and Ralf Ettl, who taught a
Gnostic form of Christianity called Marcionism. The society was politically right wing and believed in
the Sumerian origins of the Germanic Race as well as holding a firm belief in magic. They published
several books, their first being Insight into the Magical World View and the Magical Processes, but one
book was entitled Das Vril Projekt or The Vril Project and was written by two founders of the THG. This
small book is available online and can be purchased in book form, though it was never translated from the
original German. The page numbers from the pdf file available of the book, as well as the book form
correlate to 409 pages, suggesting they are the one and the same. Having said that, the document appears
to have been edited, for though it was written in 1992, it has timelines and dates extending beyond into
the early 21 st century. The first edition was most likely remarkably shorter and comprised of less than the
first half of the document we currently have available. Over time, other articles have been added onto the
original Vril Project article, including Z-Plan by Ralf Ettl. The THG ultimately disbanded, but Ralf Ettl
went on to found the Freundeskreis Society (Circle of Friends Society), which is still active and publishes
right wing articles. The Vril Project was the first to mention the Marcionite Templars, an extraterrestrial
connection, the Vril Maidens and Maria Orsic, and their connection with the Vril Discs of the Nazis.
After the 1992 work, a myriad of works on or at least mentioning these subjects has been published,
making it something of an obscure book phenomena.

The Marcionite Templars (According to The Vril Project and the Subsequent Mythos)

Marcionism was founded by Marcion a ship builder in the early First Century. Marcions believed
that the god of the Old Testament, the Torah, and the Israelites, who is Yahweh or El Shaddai, is actually
a lower entity or lower El, which is an angel. This god is “the destroyer of worlds” and is connected to
Satan. He was a wrathful, jealous, brutal, cruel, and often genocidal god, verses Jesus of the New
Testament who is a forgiving god, full of mercy and love. Jesus was actually a god who was sent by the                                                          greatest god, the Monad to bring humanity back onto the true path, as is shown in his Sermon on the
Mount. Marcions also tend to be dualistic and believe in the two opposing forces of good and evil, verses
the classic belief that evil is simply a shadow or lack of goodness and is thus incapable of being an
independent force.

According to The Vril Project, a female entity named Isais or Jesse approached either one Knight
Templar named Hubertus Koch or him and a few other Knights Templars, in the early Twelfth Century
and revealed to him/them the truth of Marcionism as well as added information from beyond. Isais
revealed that Jesus had promised the Germanic Peoples that they would shape the Kingdom of God and
give birth to the New Age of Aquarius, which John the Revelator had supposedly preached of in his
Twentieth Chapter. She also revealed that the Old Testament god El Shaddai, Satan, or Yahweh was
entirely male and hated the Monad or Il Anu, Allvater, or Odin, which was the true god and is both male
and female. El Shaddai, this lower angel, left the kingdom of light, which is Heaven or Valhalla and with
a following of other El, entered the kingdom of darkness, which is Hell. El Shaddai thought himself
omnipotent, enslaving the Jews to his teachings and deceiving the nations. The El came to earth from the
Aldebaran Star System and had the winged bull as their symbol, being the Astrological Symbol of
Taurus, in which Aldebaran lies. The El established the Early Sumerian Culture and were worshiped as
gods by humanity, being called the Anunnaki. These extraterrestrials were peaceful and good, teaching
many arts to the humans, even interbreeding with them to create hybrids. The Anunnaki were fair haired
or light haired and humanity at the time was referred to as the “black headed peoples.” The Anunnaki
would later be connected to the alien race referred to as the Aryans or Nordic Aliens and were also the
Aesir from Nordic/Germanic Legends. It isn’t too clear what happened next, but the situation soured
dramatically. The Assyrians and Babylonians were formed and took over Sumer and changed the
Anunnaki to become warlike, being led by the god of war, Marduk or Moloch, who reinterpreted the
winged bull of Aldebaran as a symbol for war and evil. Humanity became enslaved as well as the impure
hybrids, negative mutated humans called the Ape-Men, and the lesser evolved Anunnaki, the latter who
became known as the Igigi or the Vanir. An interplanetary war followed and weapons similar to nuclear
weapons were discharged across earth, causing the Great Flood, from which many survived and the
legend was passed down most accurately in The Epic of Gilgamesh. The catastrophe has also been
connected with Atlantis and the legend of the Black Sun or an old moon that crashed into Earth. In the
end, the Human Sumerians and Hybrids, reestablished themselves in what is modern Germany, some of
the good Anunnaki were able to return to the Aldebaran Star System and others escaped into the Hollow
Earth. These latter ones would later become identified as the Vril-ya.

Isais who revealed this secret history to the group of Templars had been to Hell as is described in
the Legend of Ishtar’s descent into the Underworld, for Isais was also that goddess, whom the Templar’s
also connected to Isis and the Suebian Isis as described by Tacitus in his Germania. In Hell, Isais had
stolen an object of great value, the Black Stone. This black/purple stone or crystal contained the
accumulated and divine powers of the feminine and was also called the Ilua. Its male counterpart, which
contained the concentrated vibrations of the gods was called the Garil, which later become known as the
Grail and yes, the Holy Grail. Once brought together, these two crystals could bring about the energy of
the Iluhe. Isais brought the Black Stone to Germany and declared that in order to shame the male El
Shaddai and the masculinity of the demons who resided in Hell, the Monad had decreed that they would
ultimately be destroyed by the power of femininity, just like the seed of the woman would crush the
serpent’s head in the Bible, a reference to Jesus, the Son of the God, being born by the Virgin Mary. Mary
was a red-headed German and God had chosen the Germans to be His chosen race, bringing down the
followers of El Shaddai, namely the Jews. Just like Isis triumphed over Ra, Ishtar triumphed over El
Shaddai, or Mary triumphed over the Devil, so would it be again. Hundreds of years later, that dream
appeared to be taking shape and would be centered largely around a woman named Maria.

In 1221, the newly enlightened Templars formed their own subgroup in Bavaria and Eastern
Austria, led by Hubertus Kock, variously named the Societas Templi Marcioni, the Die Herren vom
Schwarzen Stein (DHvSS), the Men of the Black Stone or the Lords of the Black Stone.

Maria Orsic and the Vril Maidens (According to The Vril Project and the Subsequent Mythos)

Some claim the Vril Society was originally founded in 1903 as the Brothers of the Light, others
claim it was founded sometime during the First World War, but most claim it emerged out of the Thule
Society. The Thule Society was founded shortly after the First World War in 1919 and was dedicated to
Nordic/Germanic Mysticism and the occult. According to rumor, that very year or in the subsequent
following years of 1920 to 1922, most claim in December of 1921, the Pan-German Society for
Metaphysics emerged out of the Thule Society with headquarters in Munich and/or Vienna. This society
was quickly renamed the Vril Society and consisted initially of a small group, mainly of young ladies.
Among the founding members was Rudolf von Sebottendorf who some claim was a Marcion. Another
member was supposed to have been Erich Koch, also a member of the Thule Society, who was descended
from the founder of the Men of the Black Stone, Hubertus Koch. The Vril Society was in contact with the
Templar Heritage Community in Vienna and either knew initially or rediscovered the legends behind the
Marcionite Templars. During the reign of the Nazis in Germany, Marcionism saw a small resurgence in
popularity. Like the beliefs of the Nazis, it rejected Judaism and the Old Testament. By far the most
famous founding member of the Vril Society is supposed to have been Maria Orsic or Orsitsch. She was
supposedly born in Zagreb, Croatia, October 31 st , to a Croatian father and German mother from Vienna.
After the First World War she became active in the Volk Movement, attempting to unite Austria with
Germany and in 1919 she moved to Germany, where she is sometimes claimed to have had a fiancé, some
say Karl Haushofer, who was another member of the Vril Society.

The circle of women within the Vril Society came to be known as the Vrilerinnen or the Vril
Damen “Vril Maidens”, who were specifically dedicated to the study of vril energy, telepathy,
mediumship, and meditation, the latter of which was used to harness vril. These Vril Maidens included
Sigrun or Sigrune, Traute, Gurdruna, Heike, and of course Maria their leader, though Traute and Sigrun
have been mentioned has having leading positions as well. Some claim the Vril Maidens were virgins,
though others claim Maria would later have a daughter and that General Hans-Georg Schmidt von
Altenstadt had married one of the Vril Maidens. These women were known to keep their hair very long
and sometime pulled back in a horse tail or ponytail style, much unlike the fashionable shorter women’s
hairstyles of the time. It has been speculated before that psychics are more effective with long hair, which
has been used as an explanation for the strange deviation from the then current fashion. One of the
emblems of the Society was a woman’s head with a long ponytail coming down in a shape sort of akin to
a seahorse. The idea of using women as psychics was connected to the idea of the female Vril-ya being
the superiors over the males as well as the idea of German, female psychics following in the long Hex
Tradition of the Germanic Peoples, since they were recorded in history by Roman authors such as
Plutarch, Tacitus, and Strabo. Such authors also speak of Germanic women being regarded as holy and
prophetic, while Plutarch in his Fall of the Roman Republic goes on to say they have the ability to use
Hydromancy; “The German spirit was still more discouraged by the prophecies made by their holy
women, who used to foretell the future by observing the eddies in the rivers, and by finding signs in the
whirling and in the noise of the water.” This would later be connected to Viktor Schauberger’s fascination
and use of water in building flying discs or even in connection to the next age, namely that of Aquarius.

Accounts vary, as they often do in this mythos, as to where or when; some say in a forester’s lodge
in the Berchtesgaden region of Germany in December of 1919 and others say in the apartment of Rudolf
Hess in Munich in November of 1924, but either way, a few members of the Vril Society, including
Maria Orsic and some claim Sigrun or Traute made mediumistic contact with an alien race. The 1924
Munich apartment version of the story states that the members, including Rudolf von Sebottendorf
actually meant to perform a séance and contact the recently deceased Dietrich Eckhart. Both threads of
the story agree that Maria Orsic began to perform automatic writing. Some claim she had been receiving
strange telepathic messages since 1917 or 1919 or even since she was a child. On this occasion, Maria
made contact with either an alien race named the Sumi or an extraterrestrial being named Sumi, but all
accounts concur that the race was the same as the El, angels, or extraterrestrials from the Taurus
Constellation around Aldebaran, nearly sixty-eight light years away. The first part of this auto writing was                                                              in what has been described as a “Templar Script” and the second turned out to be Ancient Sumerian. The
Vril Project gives us a page or two of writing from the first script, which looks similar to North Semitic or
Phoenician, mixed with Germanic Runes and Elder Futhark.

It is unclear whether the Vril Society knew about the Marcionite Templars and the secret history
related to them by Isais, before their mediumistic communications with the Aldebaran Aliens or if
through the various communications that were to follow, they began to learn the truth, but eventually they
would come to know everything and more than the Men of the Black Stone. They did learn that after the
collapse of Atlantis in the Great Flood, some of the Sumerian Gods, Anunnaki, El, or Aldebaran
Extraterrestrials didn’t make it back to their own home in the stars of Taurus, but retreated into the
Hollow Earth and became the Vril-ya. Also that the Aldebaran Extraterrestrials were the white, fair haired
ancestors of the Aryan Race and that the Sumerian language was the predecessor of the Germanic tongue.

One of the texts that Maria wrote automatically, described the building of alternative energy based
machines, including implosion type machines and nearly perpetual motors and spacecraft that some claim
were related to the Vimana of India. The spacecraft was a flying disc and was initially referred to as the
Beyond Machine. Various attempts were made to build the craft and machines, most notably with the aid
of Viktor Schauberger. Eventually, under Nazi funding and supervision, the first craft took to flight and
was dubbed Vril 1. Eventually other models would be created, the most famous of which would be the
Vril 7. Other types were made, including the Haunebus I through IV, though the later was only conceived
of and never built according to the legend. Though the Vril Society began working with the Nazis, many
have claimed they were actually pacifists and opposed to the War and the killing of the Jews, who even
they regarded as a lesser race. Their goals in building the flying discs had not been for warlike purposes,
but were meant to take them to Aldebaran. The other implosion type machines were meant to help
humanity overcome poverty and internal squabbling, such as the current War. The Vril Society believed
that combustion engines were ruining the earth and causing virtual slave labor to work them. According
to a supposed secret SS document discovered after the War, “In everything we recognize two principles
that determine the events: light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction – as in electricity we
know plus and minus. It is always: either – or. These two principles – the creative and the destructive –
also determine our technical means…Everything destructive is of Satanic origin, everything creative is
divine. Every technology based upon explosion or combustion has thus to be called Satanic. The coming
new age will be an age of new, positive, divine technology!”

Beginning in the early 20 th century, there appears to have been a synchronistical attempt by various
unrelated inventors and scientists across Europe to invent new forms of energy, or so legend would have
us believe. Some have even claimed that Maria Orsic knew Nikola Tesla, stating that they may have even
been acquainted with each other from childhood, seeing as they were both half Croatian. Besides the
pursuits of the Vril Society, there were supposedly the following developments in the pursuit of
implosion technology. Beginning in the early 1920s, Viktor Schauberger worked on the theory of
implosion verses explosion or combustion, which eventually lead him to inventing a perpetual motion
machine and a flying disc, both based on his knowledge of hydrology. His knowledge of implosion and
levity lead him to call it by Goethe’s “eternally female” power. He was later forced to work for the Nazis,
using his technology. Sometime around 1930, Karl Schappeller supposedly invented a perpetual motion
machine, based on implosion and supposedly later worked for the Nazis using his invention. Some claim
that during the Nazi expeditions to India and Tibet, they discovered how to build the ancient Vimana
aircraft. Later during World War II, the Nazis supposedly worked on an alternative energy device called
Die Glocke, “the Bell.” Others claim that an alien flying saucer was discovered crashed in the Black
Forest and the Nazis reverse engineered its technology to build their own flying discs. Still others claim
Nazi flying discs were invented by Wolfram Sievers or Hans Kammler. There are also those who believe
in all the afore mentioned Nazi related discoveries of implosion and flying disc technology. The Age of
Aquarius has been said to be the collection of all of our individual efforts that will jointly and
synchronistically come together at the same moment.

The Vril Society’s End Game (According to The Vril Project and the Subsequent Mythos)

The ultimate goal of the Vril Society became to reconnect with the Vril-ya and Aldebaran
Extraterrestrials and usher in a new golden age, known variously as the Age of Aquarius, the New
Atlantis, or the Millennium of Peace described by John the Revelator. Nearing the end of the Second
World War, the hopes of a New Atlantis were being dashed asunder. By late 1943, Maria Orsic claimed
that messages from Taurus revealed the existence of two habitable planets orbiting the star Aldebaran.
One of the planets was inhabited by the Anunnaki or the Aesir and the other was inhabited by the Igigi or
the Vanir. On March 11 th , 1945 a letter was sent to the members of the Vril Society by Maria, which had
only one sentence, basically saying that nobody was staying in Germany, but that everybody was leaving.
She then disappeared along with the other Vril Maidens.

Pushed to the brink, a world collapsing around her, most claim Maria took a Vril Craft and began
the flight to the Stars of Taurus to get help. Many have claimed the Vril Discs to have not been entirely
hampered by natural laws, but that they were able to exploit other dimensions, thus making the trip
relatively short. Some say Maria has even returned to earth since she left and that the famous Aryan or
Nordic Aliens began to appear because of her. Others claim she simply went to Argentina along with all
the other Nazis and this is the reason why there are so many UFO sightings in South America. Others
claim Maria and the Nazis went to Antarctica and still others say they went to the Dark Side of the Moon.
Many have concluded that the Nazis who fled Germany, started up a breakaway civilization in South
America or Antarctica.

The Z-Plan was a Nazi operation in the final moments of the War, when defeat was plainly evident.
Not much is known about it, but it was initially operated by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. Various claims
have been made, some stating it was an escape plan bent on leaving Germany and ascending to the stars
in the Vril Craft, others have said it was simply an escape plan to South America, Antarctica, or the Dark
Side of the Moon, but the more common theory is that it was meant to serve as a last defense or even last
offense against the Allies in the War. This offense has been variously described as involving a
coordinated attack from Vril Craft, a Nuclear Bomb or Missile attack on the American Homeland, or
something even crazier like time travel, the use of anti-matter for some means of destruction, or the
bringing to an end the World War which would be equated with Ragnarok, thus summoning some sort of
a world catastrophe equated with the Apocalypse. Others have claimed the Z-Plan was about destroying
and sometimes literally burying Nazi Secrets, including knowledge and technological achievements.
Some have stated that the Z-Plan was simply the idea that the Nazis would go underground and continue
to fight the war as guerrilla fighters or wait for many years and make a comeback, digging up the old
wonder weapons. Some of these weapons were described as being akin to death beams or death rays.
Submarines could have taken such weapons to secret bases in the Canary Islands, South America, and/or

The Society for Truth’s Credo Rediscovered

In his book Black Sun, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke claims that in the essay The Secret of Vril
Energy, Peter Bahn claims the Vril Society released a sixty page pamphlet in 1930 called Vril: The
Cosmic Elementary Power or Vril: The Cosmic Primordial Power and another called Weltdynamismus,
which were supposedly published by the Reich Labor Community (RAG). The pamphlets were written
under the pseudonym John the Baptist or John Baptist and stated that the Vril Society was founded in
1925. Some have claimed that John the Baptist was actually Otto Wilhelm Barth or Fritz Klein.

The facts concerning this is that there is indeed a 56 page pamphlet in the German National Library
of Leipzig called “Vril”: The Cosmic Primal Power; Rebirth of Atlantis by a Johannes Taufer or John
Baptist, written in 1930. The subtitle has been described as The Cosmic Primordial Power, the Cosmic
Primal Power, or the Cosmic Primal Force. The existence of this document is confirmable online at the
Catalogue of the German National Library, which states that there is a copy in the Leipzig Library, that it
is 56 pages in length, was originally published in Berlin, was approved for release by RAG, and Wilhelm
Becker, a decorated officer of the Luftwaffe, may have been involved in its publication. Online, there has                                                            been drifting around a colored photograph of the first page of this document and on the Principality of
Sealand’s website concerning their supposed harnessing of vril energy, you can download a 56 page
document with that cover page, which is claimed to be a copy of either the original 1930 document or a
reprint done in 2006. With these facts in mind, the evidence points to the document being genuine, an
original copy being held in Leipzig Germany, and a copy of that copy being downloadable online in the
original German. The same goes for Weltdynamismus, which can be confirmed to exist and be written by
Johannes Taufer and a supposed copy of it is downloadable again in German at the Principality of
Sealand’s website concerning vril.

As to the publishing of the “Vril” Document; RAG is the publisher, but has been described
variously as the Reich Association “The Germany,” Reich Association of Germany, the Reich
Association of the German Press, or German that translates out to what Peter Bahn claimed, which is the
Reich Labor Community. Either way, it is known fact that the Propaganda Ministry took control over the
German Press and created RAG in order to control the propaganda and ideology published throughout
Germany, which means a publication on vril passed the test, which for Nazi Germany, wouldn’t actually
be surprising at all. As Willy Ley stated in his article Pseudoscience in Naziland, “When things get so
tough that there seems to be no way out, the Russian embraces the vodka bottle, the Frenchman a woman
and the American the Bible. The German tends to resort to magic, to some nonsensical belief which he
tries to validate by way of hysterics and physical force.” This explains why the desperate Germans
resorted to Nazism after being pulled down and humiliated by the First World War and the Treaty of

The content of the “Vril” Document is generally a boring rehashing of the Theosophist beliefs
concerning Atlantis and the energy that destroyed them, but it also preaches against combustion, verses
implosion. The document makes no mention of the Marcionite Templars or anything else.


Vril, The Power of the Coming Race was intended to be fiction, but the vril energy Bulwer-Lytton
described was based on supposed real energies such as the Tibetan Lung, the Sanskrit Prana, Buddhist
Virya, the Indian Kundalini and Chakras, the Chinese Qigong, Qi, or Chi, the Japanese Reiki, Mesmer’s
Animal Magnetism, Universal Fluid, or Cosmic Fluid, Baron Carl von Reichenbach’s Odic Force, Henri
Bergson’s Élan Vital, Vital Force, or Vital Spark, Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy, or Viktor
Schauberger’s Qualigens and Dynagens. For the Theosophists of the late Eighteen Hundreds, Vril was
used as a substitute for all the other words of their time and those that came before, much like the term
Atlantis was being thrown about to describe the concept of an antediluvian world that collapsed. Bulwer-
Lytton’s book naturally fell into place with the Theosophist’s beliefs concerning man’s lost history, a
history they began to accumulate, sometimes through visions, not even figuratively, but quite literally in
their dreams.

Pseudoscience in Naziland is simply reporting on the Nazi’s pursuit of strange science,
cosmological beliefs, etc. As concerns the Society for Truth, Ley states he only heard hearsay on them
and their existence, but that they had supposedly published “the first issue of a magazine, which was to
proclaim their credo.” This goes hand in hand with the document currently at Leipzig, plus Ley said the
Society was based in Berlin and the “Vril” document was published in Berlin. The content of the “Vril”
document does proclaim the Society’s creed and mainly talks about the Blavatsky-like ideas concerning
vril among the Atlanteans. Even though the document of “Vril” is real, it may be a pseudo work, but in
consideration of the pieces that fit together with Ley’s story, the work is more than likely genuine. Most
likely a secret society did exist in Nazi Germany, dedicated to harnessing vril energy.

The Morning of the Magicians is not a Fortean work, but more a John Keel styled work. The
massive difference between the two being that Fortean works exhaustively source everything like Fort or
Corliss, whereas Keel or The Morning of the Magicians did not. The “evidence” presented in such works
cannot be confirmed nor denied. It simply is. It is on the same level as something stagnate, much like the
mythos of the Vril Society, beginning with The Vril Project. Thankfully the authors of The Morning                                                                         the Magicians, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, didn’t add much more to the story of the Vril Society,
other than giving it its best known name, changing it from Willy Ley’s Society for Truth. They also added
the idea that like the Nazis, they were searching for the means to become demigods on the same footing
of the real gods, whether those by Vril-ya in the Hollow Earth, Nordic/Germanic gods, extraterrestrials, or
all the above. The very fact that all the above could be real and are believed by various individuals on
some level or other, tells you that people can’t even make up their minds which part or rabbit hole of the
Nazi Mythos to believe. Do you believe the Hollow Earth Theory, the Convex Earth Theory, or the World
Ice Doctrine? Do you believe after the Second World War that the Nazis went to South America,
Antarctica, the Hollow Earth, or the Dark Side of the Moon? The same goes for Nazi Alternative Energy
Technology as stated previously.

The Vril Project and subsequent follow-up books beginning the 1990s by numerous authors
exploded and expanded the Vril Mythos, namely with the addition of the Lords of the Black Stone, Maria
Orsic, the Vril Maidens, extraterrestrial contact, and the building of Vril model flying discs.
Unfortunately, we have no evidence or reason to believe these rumors. The hysteria of The Vril Project
was a giant piece of information dropped out of seemingly nowhere from some very shady authors with
no sources. On top of all the subsequent books, the Vril Maidens and Maria Orsic have become an online
phenomena. Looking them up will result in utterly atrocious YouTube videos on the subject and online
sites that have absurd articles on Nazi Lore, both of which will show the well known supposed
photographs of Maria Orsic and the supposed medium sessions carried out in a time and location that no
one can seem to agree upon. The online articles tend to repeat the general information provided in The
Vril Project, but there are a few points to be made about the online side of this mythos. Most of the online
sites that actually have a bibliography give the exact same one, in the exact same order as follows.

A. Marco, Vril, UFOs and secret societies .
Barry Taylor, Vril Society "The Yellow Book" no. 5.
Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup , pp. 10-6.
N. Ratthofer, Das Projekt Vril .
Mental Ray, Vril Geist .

There is no alphabetical order to these books.; not by author or book name, and yet these five books
appear as the bibliography in the exact same, non alphabetical order. In other words, they’ve just been
copied and pasted. The works to be found of those listed are Das Projekt Vril by N. Ratthofer, which is
supposed to be The Vril Project by Norbert Jurgen-Ratthofer and Ralf Ettl and Vril Society “The Yellow
Book” No. 5 by Barry Taylor, which is an online document and gives no sources. Similar word usage in
the texts is used on most of the sites without sources, showing clear signs of copy and pasting in a
phenomena called Creepypasta or the Woozle Effect. So we have online conspiracy theorists quoting each
other for their sources, which is wonderfully hilarious and circular, though like a snowman, it
accumulates a little more every time.

There is no evidence for the existence of Maria Orsic, such as her name in a letter of
correspondence, not even necessarily written by her, but just mentioned between two others, there is no
evidence for her existence in the first place, let alone all the crazy claims about what she supposedly did
with her life. It could very well be that there was an Austrian/Croatian medium who lived during the
Third Reich and was even called Maria Orsic, but what about all the other claims? Maybe there was such
a woman and she actually claimed to receive contact from an alien race, but that’s it or maybe that and
this alien race gave her knowledge of how to build space traveling, flying craft, which were never built,
but then some claim they were. There are so many different levels to this mythos and we keep on getting
away from the root of the problem, which is whether she existed in the first place, for which there is no
evidence and thus zero evidence for any of the further claims. There are some photographs drifting
around online of an unidentified woman, which naturally mean nothing, because we have pictures of
Slenderman too. Authors on the subject have written down tons of supposed proofs for the existence of
Maria Orsic, but not one of these “proofs” has actually been seen by anyone. Someone could say, we have                                                             her birth certificate, so she’s genuine. Great, who has it? Do we have actual scans of it? Where is it? No
actual scans of all the letters and correspondences, no name of hers on any patents, no documents
concerning the registering of the Vril Society within the Third Reich, no documents putting her down as a
member of the National Socialist Party, nothing. Northing but photographs of a woman who is claimed to
have been the Maria Orsic of the legend. Several of the different photographs that have been claimed to
show Maria Orsic, don’t even look like each other at all. They’re not photographs of the same woman.

Regardless of the fact that no author has come up with any evidence whatsoever for even the
existence of Maria Orsic or what she supposedly did, we should cut some slack on the possibility of a Vril
Society having existed, but not the ridiculous claims that started in the 90’s. As far as can be traced, the
first book/article ever to mention Maria Orsic was the 1992 The Vril Project by Norbert Jurgen-Ratthofer
and Ralf Ettl, but not only was this the first article to mention her, but it went straight into telling how this
Maria Orsic was a member of the Vril Society and contacted extraterrestrials from the Aldebaran Star
System, who told her via mediumistic automatic writing, how to build the Vril type flying discs that were
later built by the Nazis. This just goes to show that she was not just a character in this article that then had
the ridiculous claims made about her in following works, but that such theories originate in print at this
point, though of course the Maria Orsic these two first authors placed in the center of this little drama,
may have been a historical character that they then wove ridiculous fables around. The article is a classic
work of pseudo, conspiracy nuttiness, riddled with ridiculous pictures that don’t even hide the fact
they’ve been cut and pasted multiple different times throughout the work on different backgrounds,
overlapping each other, in order to create a sensational appearance. Some of the better known, clearly
faked photos of Maria Orsic with the Vril 7 model flying discs in the background are in it. Several of the
images are of the same flying disc, super-imposed onto different backgrounds. The Vril Project is
available online in German and is riddled with ridiculousness that puts it on the same grounds as a weird
tabloid paper. Its attempts to be astounding, sensational, and world view shattering, are taken to extremes
that reveal its absurdities. If only it had footnotes, end notes, a bibliography, or for heaven’s sake, just

In summary of the material; most likely a Society for Truth did exist and sought to harness vril
energy, publishing a pamphlet on the subject. The belief in the changeover to a Vril Society, beginning
with The Morning of the Magicians is uncalled for. Most likely there were never any Vril Maidens or
Maria Orsic, but even if there were, we have no reason to believe any of the rumors about them and what
they did. Maybe the Society for Truth or a Vril Society did actually have a medium named Maria Orsic,
maybe a member did claim contact with other sentient intelligences, maybe one or more of the
photographs is genuine. The Vril Society is one of those stagnate mysteries in history, for which reason
we will never know the full truth and more than likely any so called new evidence that arises is but a part
of its proceeding mythos.

If you were to first stumble upon the Vril Mythos online with no previous knowledge of it, you
mind would most likely be blown. If it’s all real, then it changes everything we thought we know, from
extraterrestrials, to UFOs, to Parapsychology, to the Nazis, and to our coming future. The more one
studies it, the more one discovers the ridiculousness of it and yet its beauty and outrageousness; the
classic signature of Nazism, which is a black hole of conspiracy theories. If you don’t do such extreme
research into a subject, you can easily be taken into it and come to a pseudo-conclusion. This is just
another reason why we must remain as Forteans in our dealings with such mysteries, neither accepting
outright, jumping to conclusions, nor playing the loathsome skeptic all of which are annoying and
ridiculous. If we don’t know the answer because we don’t hold all the facts, then we don’t know the
answer, but may cautiously in some instances draw theories based upon the facts. To know with any
amount of certainty, is to immerse oneself when writing on a topic. The research is so extensive if you
want to get anywhere and it never ends. Taking on smaller subjects like the Vril Society is relatively
easier, but still the research is intense. If one were to write on the Nazi Mythos involving their ideology
and technology, this would literally take lifetime of work to get anywhere and would still remain
incomplete as everything must. If you don’t put that kind of top level of research into the subject, then it                                                              just gets thrown among all the other obscure works on the topic and is in no way a definitive or stand out


Vril: The Power of the Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1871)
The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky (1888)
The Story of Atlantis by William Scott-Elliot (1896)
Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla by Marc J. Seifer
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Pseudoscience in Naziland by Willy Ley (1947)
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Numerous Books by Seth Tyssen
Numerous Books by Maximillien de Lafayette

Myths from Mesopotamia: Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others (Trans. by Stephanie Dalley)
Fall of the Roman Republic by Plutarch (Trans. by Rex Warner)
Germania by Tacitus (Trans. by Harold Mattingly)
Nature As Teacher by Viktor Schauberger (Ed. By Callum Coats)


Writer Bio: Wolf Garner is a researcher and believer of strange phenomena and the paranormal, focusing on the                                            even lesser known stories in the fields. He is also an avid reader of history, focusing on the tribal, nomadic, and barbarian                      cultures of the ancient past. He resides in Northern Idaho, where he enjoys camping, bushcraft, and Islay Whiskey.