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by Deborah Frediani


As a paranormal investigator for 20+ years, not much scares me. I’ve seen grey mists, shadow people, apparitions and objects move and have not been frightened.

Perhaps the most puzzling and terrifying anomaly I have encountered, is the black mass. The first time I witnessed this was NOT on an investigation, but in my own home. Our home at the time was in a duplex, which we found to be incredibly haunted by numerous spirits, 3 children 4 adults and a very dark energy. In time, we learned to coexist with the benign spirits in the residence, but over time it was the dark energy that became increasingly aggressive towards my family, especially to me. I became the target.

This dark energy took on the form of a very large solid black mass. The first time I saw it, it appeared as a softball sized solid black round form within the wall near our doorway of our bedroom. Everyone else was asleep except for me. I kept hearing heavy footsteps in the hallway outside our bedroom and feeling as if I were being watched very intently. I sat up in bed to see this round black softball sized form against the white wall. This form slowly grow to the size of a basketball. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I blinked. I carefully took note of the details of this odd anomaly. It appeared to be solid, with a defined round border. Without warning, it appeared to expand upward and outward into a very large shapeless solid black, vaporous mass filling our bedroom doorway. I gasped in surprise because I got a very bad feeling from this anomaly. Although I was fearful inside, I remained calm knowing that it would feed off my fear making it even stronger. I awoke my husband and he sat up in bed staring in shock. Up until now he hadn’t believed me about the odd occurrences. He was speechless.

Like a thick, swirling black fog it was spilling into the doorway of our bedroom up to the ceiling completely blocking out the light to our smoke detector. The energy it projected was negative making me nauseous and feeling like my life was in danger. I had never experienced anything like this before, but I knew my only protection was religious provocation, so I quickly grabbed my bible off my nightstand, opened it and began reading the Lord’s prayer. As I read the words, the fog became less intense and without warning swept towards into the ceiling and was gone leaving nothing behind but a dead silence. I was shaken by that experience knowing we were sharing our home with this darkness. I knew that this was only the beginning of a battle between good and evil in our home. A battle that would change me and my family forever.

Deborah Frediani ~ Founder of Visions Paranormal Society~

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