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As mentioned in Episode 33 of iNTO THE FRAY, when it comes to past lives, Carl Sagan did not brush off the scientific study of these phenomena, in fact, he felt that some of them deserve “serious study.”

“There are claims in the parapsychology field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study,” with [one] being “that young children sometimes report details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation.”


I want to thank these folks for sharing.  Names and locations will be kept confidential, as requested.

Hello Shannon, I wanted to briefly share my experience with past lives.  I’ve always believed in reincarnation even before I was old enough to understand it.  I didn’t have any memories, but just had a feeling that I had been around before.

Finally in 2014 when I was 57 years old, I found a Past Live Regression Therapist.  I made the appointment to see her & during hypnosis I told her about 3 previous lives.

I’ve had a life long extreme fear of heights, so I was curious if this had anything to do with a past life.   It’s a bit strange, but I was a man in these 3 lives & in 2 lives I had died from a fall.  One was from a bridge I was working on & the other from a cliff or mountain.  In the 3rd life, I was a simple farmer who died from eating poisonous mushrooms.  I have never liked mushrooms & just won’t eat them, so that’s a bit weird too.

I can’t prove any of this is true & it’s possible it could be just something that stuck in my mind years ago.  I really don’t know, but that’s my experience.  During hypnosis I was aware of what was going on & I could see scenery in my head & could describe it somewhat to her.  I couldn’t see my face, but I could feel wind & movement.  Kind of like a strange dream.  The stories came out very quickly so I don’t think I had time to make up things in my head.  I wish I knew for a fact if it was all true.

I believe we’ve all had many lives & I’m still curious, but can’t bring myself to go back for another appointment.  It made me feel a kind of sadness that’s hard to describe.  I was very young when I died in 2 lives, maybe in my 20’s.  The cliff/mountain fall was when I was older in my 40’s, I think.

During the farmer regression, she asked me if I had a wife.  I said that I had, but she had died.  She asked for more details & if I could see her.  I’m getting cold chills as I type this.  Yes, I could vaguely see a very young woman/girl, but just the side of her face & her hair.  Samantha asked me if I knew her in this life.  I think she was my dear sweet granddaughter in this life.  Strange, I know.

Just another little story….My granddaughter is now 19, but when she was around 5 she told my mother (her great grandmother) that she knew her when they lived in Mexico.  Once when my parents were taking her somewhere in their car, she was sitting in the back singing a song in a foreign language, maybe Spanish I would guess.  None of my family has ever been to Mexico or know any other languages, although she could have possibly learned some in school, but I don’t know for sure.  I can’t recall any other details that she may have told my mother, but it sure was interesting.

When she was 9 she said a woman would talk to her at night.  She couldn’t see anyone, but the voice was mumbled and hard to understand.  This went on for a couple of months & it bothered her so much that she would sleep in her living room instead of her bedroom.  Also, at around age 5, she would do some routine with her hands & fingers & then touch someone else’s hands, then guess the number they were thinking of.  She was right most of the time.  It was very weird and I don’t have a clue where she picked that one up.

And here is another shared by Shawn Kevin Jason.

It started with me in the water off the forward starboard side of a large ship. It was broken in half and starting to sink. An oil (or gas) slick was spreading out on the water from where it broke and was on fire which surrounded us in the water. This occurred at night and other than the light from the fire, it was pitch black. Myself and the rest of the crew were in the water. We had no life preservers or boats from what I saw. My impression later was the ship was sunk from a torpedo. Regardless, I was old and overweight. My crew mates were not much different than I. It didn’t take long before I and the others went under. I had no more strength to stay afloat. I held my breath as long as possible, until my lungs exploded as I let out my last breath and sucked in all the water. My body started going into violent convulsions as it fought the water filling my lungs. The struggle was short lived. For a few seconds after I lost my breath, I could still see. But soon my vision faded, though my hearing still worked. I felt my consciousness recede into my body, not like you do when you close your eyes though. In that respect, your consciousness stays in your head. I felt mine drop into my chest/heart area. At the same time, I felt an electric prick start at my root chakra. This electric surge began spreading throughout my body until every inch of it felt on fire (the only comparison I can make to this is an orgasm). Then I felt it spread out beyond my physical form and envelope my body. This energy grew stronger until I both felt and heard a pop sound. Like when a bubble pops. It sounded exactly like that. When the bubble popped, I was no longer in my body and I had regained my vision and felt as though I had a body again. I could see my crew mates all around me. Both their deceased bodies and their astral ones. Above each corpse was a body of light that was rising to the waters surface. Their bodies looked like drawings, in respect that a drawing depicts someone using lines to form outlines, shapes, creases in clothing, etc. However, these bodies were completely see-through. The lines that formed everyone’s body were multi-colored like rainbows. No long after that moment, my memory of this experience ends. I never figured out what ship this was… but I suspect it happened in the first half of the 1900’s (likely the 30’s). Thanks to this experience though, I was able to address my fear of death.

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