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by Deborah Frediani


I would like to begin by saying what an incredible honor it is to be asked by Shannon to write blogs for this community. I wouldn’t really classify myself as a “paranormal expert” by any means, but my journey has been a long and exciting journey. It is my hope that through my sharing of my own personal experiences, those who read my blogs will relate to me and know that they are not alone, that whatever they may be experiencing can be acknowledged by others who have experienced the same things and that there is someone available to share that with. I write my blogs not only as the Founder and Case Manager for our paranormal team, but as someone who has also been on the client’s side of the fence. My family and I rented an extremely haunted duplex for 2 years. Not only did we have six known spirits as “residents,” but also a dark, dangerous presence lurked within the walls there, eventually driving us out. Speaking as a paranormal investigator, believe me it’s a whole new ball game when it is happening in your own home.

My journey began for me in 1977 at the age of 13 on a hot August afternoon at 4:04 pm. That is when my little brother David passed away. He had been battling Leukemia for a year and went into cardiac arrest during a routine blood transfusion. I was not present when it happened, but I felt it when he left his body. It is a difficult thing to explain to someone who does not have empathetic abilities, but you can actually feel others emotions, sickness and pain. I knew when my Aunt came to me to break the news of my brother’s passing that he was already gone. We always had been very close. We were like best friends, doing everything together. I went to bed that night, but was restless and eventually drifted off to sleep. Later on, I was awakened by a pressure at the foot of my bed by my feet. It felt warm and familiar, just like when David would sit on the foot of my bed and we would talk at bedtime sharing the day’s events. I glanced up at my clock, it was 4:04 am. I was drowsy and confused remembering the painful events of earlier that day. I lifted my head up off of my pillow to see a soft blue mist at the foot of my bed where I felt the pressure. I blinked my eyes thinking I was dreaming or had something in my eyes. My mind was scrambling to try to figure out what I was seeing. I was not frightened, but felt a sense of comfort, as if David were there. The mist remained for a few minutes, then quickly dissipated before my eyes.

I have always been a highly skeptical person and did not believe in ghosts, but this experience left me bewildered, and so the next day I went to the public library to research what I had seen. Back then, the paranormal world was a hushed topic by the general public, so I was apprehensive to ask anyone for a book about ghosts. As I read, I began this journey into the exciting and shadowy world of the paranormal. I began to realize that my experience very well could have been my brother. Today, I do believe it was him coming to tell me “goodbye” for the last time. That was my first paranormal experience.

I look forward to sharing more with you here. Thank you for your time.

Deborah Frediani ~ Founder of Visions Paranormal Society~

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