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by Sean Wick


These series of paranormal experiences began when I first made contact with Shannon LeGro in November of 2017.  In the initial e-mail I sent her, I briefly described an encounter I had with my now deceased best friend, Jay.  That story eventually became episode 133.  Leading up to my encounter with Jay, I was obsessed with everything occult and paranormal.  Especially everything related to the demonic and ghostly.  Jay and I not only studied these topics in great detail but we also experimented with them.  Some of the things we had witnessed were beyond amazing.  There was a point with our experiences where they became more than a hobby.  It became an extension of our lives and was as accepted as any other daily routine.  That was until something happened between the two of us.  The thing we experienced scared me so bad, I walked away from everything paranormal.  The experience disturbed me enough  that I slept with the lights on for nearly a year and I even tried to avoid being outside after sundown.

The closest I would get to the paranormal after that would be watching ghost investigation shows.  But even that took me more than twenty years to do.  It didn’t help knowing the last memory I had of my best friend alive was that horrible night.  It completely rewrote who I was as a person.  However, there’s something about being touched by the love and fascination of the unknown.  I think deep down, once we are driven to study these profound experiences, that love never truly fades away.  When I found myself listening to Into the Fray, it had been 25 years since that night with Jay.  In that 25 years I had just one experience with a haunted apartment my son and I lived in.  I don’t mind admitting that place scared the shit out of me and I couldn’t wait to get away from it.  The old me would have loved it but that old me was long gone.  That’s what I told myself at least.  But then I started listening to Shannon week after week and hearing experiencers tell their stories made me realize I had never told my own story.  I thought perhaps if I told someone what happened to me, I could find a way to get passed that wound I carried with me.  So I e-mailed Shannon and told her about the night Jay and I had our experience.  Right away she invited me onto the show and that opened a floodgate in me.  I wrote back sharing an entire life worth of experiences.  It was literally from my birth through the death of my best friend.  Shannon recorded an insider episode as well, with all the other things I had gone through.  It felt amazing getting the chance to tell a story I had never shared with anyone.
There was an immediate change in me as I opened up about my past and the truth of who I was.  The evening I wrote Shannon about the experiences from my childhood, I felt my cat rub up against my leg and curl her tail around like she does.  I bent down to pet her but she wasn’t there.  She was upstairs and I was in my room alone!  After dismissing the experience (which took a lot) and settling back into writing the e-mail, I felt someone rub a hand across my neck.  Again, I was alone.  I took a break after that and went for a drive.  It didn’t scare me really but it did surprise me.  It seems as soon as I started opening up about me previous experiences I started having new ones as well.  The new place I live in had never shown any activity until then.  It made me wonder about the nature of my fascination both now and in the past.  I started wondering if I was a magnet for this stuff.  It really felt like I had flipped a switch and all of a sudden, unexplained activity was happening once again.
I initially contacted Shannon in November of 2017.  Our first conversation was in February of 2018.  In the span of those couple months, I came down with bronchitis (which was the first time I had been sick in a couple years), my furnace stopped working a couple times, my smoke detector kept going off while I was at work, and my microwave quit working after it turned on and ran by itself.  A friend told me they were convinced I was under spiritual attack.  They said it was as if the spirits were intimidating me into not telling my story.  I did anyways and the activity subsided for a short time.  But in spring of that year, it picked back up and seemed more physical then it had been.  My house is a split level.  When you walk in the front door, there’s a small set of stairs that goes both up and down.  One night after work, I walked in from the garage and before I turned the light on, I saw a small figure peak around the corner down stairs.  I ran down and looked everywhere but didn’t see anyone or proof that anyone had been down there.  As small as the figure was, I thought it may have been a child but who knows?  I also noticed two pictures I had hanging on the wall at the bottom of the stairs were on the floor.  They’ve hung on the wall unmoved for at least a couple years and yet there they were on the floor.  After that night I started noticing something strange as I walked down the stairs.  I was hearing a slight echo of my own steps as I walked.  They’re carpeted, so it wasn’t truly an echo.  It was as if there was a second set of footsteps walking down as I did.  It always made me feel as if I were being watched.
Early summer I was downstairs and I heard a reverberating crash from upstairs.  It was loud enough that my cat hid under my bed.  I went up and saw that a vent cover from my floor had been pulled out and was at least a couple feet away, leaning against a wall.  The vent cover fits snugly in place, so it took some effort to pull it out.  It was around this time I burned some sage in the house and asked for protection.  This was taken from  the advice of a couple friends who are mediums.  I had never tried it before and I wasn’t sure it worked.  On the 4th of July while I was upstairs watching tv, the door knob to my front door and garage entrance both shook violently.  As well as that, the mat in front of my door had been moved.  I ran down looking everywhere to see who was doing it but there was no one in or outside of my house.
Around the same time, I started seeing activity at work but only when I was out there.  None of my co-workers witnessed anything.   I would see books tip over, a stack of lids fall, and a timer turn on by itself.  These experiences at work helped convince me that I had to be some sort of magnet.  There was no previous activity to speak of at either place so I wonder if it was me.  Maybe they’re following me or perhaps I just attract it.  I’m intrigued honestly and for the first time in many years, I feel like I want to investigate.


There’s one last thing that needs brought up before I close.  I was told by a psychic medium that this activity isn’t related to everything else  that’s happened.  It’s an anomaly, whatever it is.  I called in and left a voicemail for Into the Fray a couple months back explaining what’s been happening.  Soon after I moved into my newest place, I started having nightmares.  They stood out to me partly because they were uncharacteristic for the types of dreams I usually have.  In each of these nightmares, I’m part of a group of people and collectively, we are facing something bad.  One dream we were being picked off one by one by a serial killer.  Another time we were in a suicide cult and everyone started dying.  The people in the dreams were always unfamiliar faces but it was as if I knew them.  At the worst parts of the dream, usually when I was about to die, I would wake up.  Every time I woke up from these particular dreams, I had a migraine.  I rarely got them through my life until I moved here and even then, they only come with this one type of nightmare.

A few months back I woke up from one around 3am and right away noticed my head hurting.  I needed to use the restroom and hunt down some ibuprofen, so I got out of bed and walked to the lamp that’s to the left of my bed.  I looked right, just a few feet away, at the foot of my bed, I saw a shadow figure.  It had depth and dimension.  It was dark outside but I had a small amount of light from the modem in the corner.  I could clearly see it and it looked to be around 5 ft tall.  I turned left to turn on the lamp and when I looked back, it was gone.  Right then, I heard heavy footsteps run up the stairs at the end of the hall outside my room.  I searched the house but there was nothing.  I believe whatever I saw was the source of the nightmares.  Perhaps my friend was right and I was under spiritual attack.

So here I am in early 2019 and the activity is ongoing.  Both at work and at home.  The nightmares continue but not as frequently.  I’ve saged the house a second time and have prayed for blessings.  But the truth is, I’m not really scared.  Not like I was before.  Some of it scares me a little but then there’s younger me saying this is freaking awesome!  I’ve done a few evp sessions with my phone but I haven’t caught anything.  Now I have a Blue Yeti mic and when I turn the gain up and just listen with my studio headphones,  I realize how many unexplained noises my house makes.  Here soon I will let it record and leave the house for a couple hours.  I haven’t summoned up enough courage yet to do a full on investigation but I will soon.  I’m hoping to find some people who are willing to investigate with me.  Once I do, I will pass on any evidence I get.  I’m glad I’m back in it.  I have a lot of  unanswered questions and it’s time I start seeking out answers.

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