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by Leigh Bourne


My husband Jeff and I at the time of this incident had lived in Houston Texas from January 1987 until March of 2014. So in April of 2001 I knew my way pretty well around Houston.

In April of 2001, Around 11:30 AM I drove to Katy, Texas to drop off a computer program for my best friend Judy Sample. She was at work so I was to leave the program on her porch in a big padded envelope so that she could grab it when she got home. Normally it takes me 20 minutes to get to her house from mine just 6 miles south of the Galleria, but I remember that on this day it took me about an hour and a half to get there because of traffic at the 610 N and 610 S and I-10 interchanges. Traffic was stuck. No one was moving except for maybe 1 car a minute. Road construction was taking place and traffic in this particular area was going to be terrible for the next week or three. Houston traffic on a daily basis is packed even when the cars are moving let alone in a situation like this. I made a mental note on my way back to take 99S to 59N to get home, but I forgot and found myself stuck yet again in traffic.

The Galleria (a huge mall that has everything including an ice rink) is just a hop past this interchange on the right hand side of the road when going down 610 S. At roughly 2:15 PM I remember specifically looking over at Dillard’s and realizing all the cars on the freeway were gone, which I thought was odd; and all color had disappeared from my sight. I remember my head leaning towards the steering wheel.

Fifteen minutes later way up North on the 610 N Freeway I woke up while coming up an under an overpass. I remember distinctly my head raising and my eyes opening. When on the freeway after the passing under the overpass I was terrified. I had no idea where I was. Traffic was going about 100 mph and I was too. I looked at the clock on the dashboard and realized that fifteen minutes’ prior I had been in the Galleria area of 610 S. I looked around for markers trying to figure out if anything looked familiar. Finally, I see the Anheuser -Busch Brewery to my right and I knew where I was. I had to take a few exits to get on 59 S in order to head home that way. When I got to the house, I walked right to the bed, sat down and tried to figure out what had happened to me.

I went to the bathroom to check myself out. I had not urinated on myself or bit my tongue or lips so I ruled out a seizure. I’m not a diabetic but made a mental note to have my blood sugar checked. Then, I realized I MUST have hit someone during all of this! So I ran through the house to the car and checked it out front and back. There was not one mark on my Toyota Camry. Not one. No dent, no scratch, no dust, no pollen, nothing.

Back to the bedroom I went. One of the first things I did was to get online to see what I could find in regards to missing time. I found alien information galore. I was heavily into the paranormal anyway so I expected to find this type of info. But I tried as hard as I could and I could not remember where I was from the Galleria to 610 N at the brewery.

One thing I realized; there was no way humanly possible I could have made it from the Galleria area to the brewery area in 15 minutes. The traffic was packed. It would have taken me at least an hour or an hour and a half to get to that point of 610 N. I would have had to have flown or somehow gone through a portal to have arrived at the brewery in 15 minutes. There was NO driving shortcut to take from the Galleria to 610 N to the Pleasantville brewery area.

The next day I went to the doctor’s office and had my blood sugar checked. It was fine. I was not and; am not a diabetic. I talked with my doctor about seizures but I did NOT tell him why I was interested. I had not vomited or foamed at the mouth. I had not bitten myself. My shirt was perfectly normal upon inspection. No water marks at all. I had not urinated on myself. I wasn’t weak. I was perfectly fine after I regained consciousness.

I spent the next two weeks trying to dislodge something in my mind that would reveal something or anything of what had happened to me during those lost 15 minutes. I don’t know why it didn’t immediately occur to me to call my good friend Derrell Sims at once, but it didn’t; which is strange in and of itself.

Derrell strongly suspected that I had been abducted by aliens. My other friend John K. Hutchison thought I had gone through a portal. I’ve talked with many people about this missing time in my life and I either get alien involvement or I had traveled through a portal. Regardless of what actually happened, the incident haunts me. Sometimes when I have to travel alone I am fearful of the situation happening again. I feel lucky; no blessed to have made it home alive.


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