My first book, co-authored with acclaimed and best-selling author, G. Michael Hopf. Now available on Amazon in both Kindle, paperback, and audiobook versions!

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BEYOND THE FRAY: BIGFOOT features personal eyewitness accounts and terrifying encounters, most taken from the podcast you know and love.  Plus…some documented for the first time, anywhere. These stories are unique and scary. They will leave you wondering what this creature is and will no doubt give you pause before you cross the wood line and enter the woods.

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From sinister goblins to the utterly terrifying Wendigo, Beyond The Fray: Paramalgamation has it all and then some...

First you might be asking, what is paramalgamation? Simply, it is the melding together of inexplicable paranormal experiences, which can and should by all rights be wholly separate. This is a collection of some of the strangest and scariest stories ever told by the people who experienced them. Sit back, relax and we suggest you keep a light on.