We’re so excited that the iTF community is growing!  We have some amazing plans to provide more content and features to iNTO THE FRAY Radio.  We’re even more excited that you all are a part of the journey.  We’re now offering exclusive content to the iNSIDERS.  Scroll down to read more, or Click sign up if you’re ready!


  • iTF Exclusive Episodes Every Month

  • Be a Part of the Conversation

  • Video Stream During The Recording

  • Secret iNSIDERS Facebook Group

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Coming Soon to iTF

  • On-Site Video Investigations

  • iTF Merchandise

  • MORE Content For iTF and iNSIDERS

  • And…MORE We Can’t Mention Just Yet! We’re Excited.


Join the conversation, and be a part of iTF’s journey as we grow and expand.  iNSIDERS get the  scoop on iTF before anyone else.  We’ve got some amazing things in the works to really give you all what you want… MORE content!  So, the iNSIDERS really get to be a part of iTF in a way that is bigger than us all.  You’ll get exclusive Episodes, content and access to the iTF iNSIDERS Secret Facebook group, to talk and post about all things strange and unknown, and upcoming guests and videos.  We are really excited to be expanding and the iNSIDERS will be a huge part of it.  We’ll be constantly adding new things, and we’re always open to hear what you want with being an iNSIDER… so let us know.

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Secure With Stripe

The great thing about stripe is, we don’t ever see or hold your CC information.  It’s scrambled up in to Javascript kinda like @#$%&$*DJJFL$J# and then sent right to Stripe’s PCI Compliant, Bank Level Encrypted Servers.  They’re the new Paypal.  They send us back a token with all the scrambled letters and numbers and the cc is processed using that. So when your card is saved in your account for your subscription, it’s saved where you can only identify the last 4 digits. Pretty cool right?

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to sign up, simply click the link below, and it will take you to the iNSIDERS page where you can sign up.  We wanted to keep being an iNSIDER affordable for everyone, so it’s only $4.99 a month or $54 for the entire year.  All of the support is going right back in to iTF Radio, where we’re excited to start adding Video Episodes, On-Site Investigations, and a whole lot more entertainment for our community.  If you’re ready, click the Become an iNSIDER button, and it will take you to our secure store.  See you on the iNSIDE!

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