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How goes it, Frayzies?

Ryan Sprague here. I wanted to take my inaugural blog entry to tell you how excited I am to be a part of Into the Fray Radio.

As you may or may not have heard through the Facebook page, or from your fearless leader, Shannon LeGro, I will mostly be contributing to the show during episodes involving the ever-so- enigmatic and elusive world of UFOs. This is what I would consider my “comfort zone”. Somewhere in this puzzle of mystery and intrigue that I feel I can truly contribute to the conversation and debate at hand.

That being said, what drew me to this endeavor was the amount of material Shannon wanted to cover. She had seen my work in the world of UFOs, and sought me out to learn more. I could see her passion right from the start. She clearly wanted to know more about a topic she had previously only dabbled in on the peripheral. After a few phone calls and emails, I learned of her work in the world of cryptids, especially that of Big Foot; a topic that I wasn’t entirely familiar with for the shear fact that these creatures have always and continue to scare the ever-loving hell out of me. Her attention to detail, boots-on-the-ground approach to investigations, and openness to learn more is what made me sign on for this amazing endeavor. When I heard Sam Shearon was also on board, I immediately geeked out. I had seen his work during his time with IDW comics and his cover art, in particular, for the X-Files comics. Little did I know, Sam was also extremely well-versed in the paranormal realm. Within days, we’d all thrown our swords of curiosity in the air, sparking the Three Musketeers of the fray that you see before you.

While many shows focussing on these topics are extremely informative and well-produced, what we hope to achieve, as many others have before us, is a level of research and preparation to make sure we are bringing you the most compelling, interesting, and perhaps more importantly, the most credible guests, cases, and topics, that we possibly can. I can assure you that months and months of preparation have gone in to each and every episode you are going to hear. We don’t want to waste your precious time with hacks, charlatans, or cases that have been proven to be hoaxed. (We may even have a hoax or two thrown in to show you just exactly how rampant they can be.) Keeping the idea of hoaxes in mind, we aren’t the watchdogs of the paranormal and unexplained. That’s for damn sure. But we just hope that you will truly see, through the content we provide, that we only want to bring you material worth pondering in the most detailed of kinds. Perhaps as we dig deeper into the fringe, we will slowly mold contemplation and curiosity into hard fact and even answers that can no longer be debated.

We hope you find this project, helmed by Shannon, as a unique opportunity for us to come together with each and every one of you. To talk about those things that always get pushed back into the corner of so many people’s minds. While we can’t blame most for pleading ignorance on these controversial, and sometimes very disturbing topics, we can show them that it IS worth their time. By facing these topics with an objective and compassionate lens, we can widen our scope one individual at a time.

I very much look forward to bringing you those in the world of UFO history, science, and current research. I am so excited to invite those who have shaped my research, and ask them some of the hard questions I’ve always wanted to ask. But more importantly, I look forward to personally learning about the vast world of other unexplained phenomena. Whether its ghosts, monsters, aliens, or somewhere in between, this is just as much of a lesson in patience and acceptance for me as it may in fact turn out to be for you as well.

Thank you so much for joining us. We’re ready to take this journey together as a team and we hope you will join us as we fall blindly, yet overtly focused, into the fray.