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by Justin Bjarnason

A small rural church next to a graveyard, and across the road from an abandoned house…on a desolate gravel road in North Eastern North Dakota.  All was surrounded by a local legend about a haunting.

Five teenage friends with nothing but time on their hands decide to take a drive, with the hope of seeing a ghost.

It took us about an hour to finally find the place.  We pulled into the church and stepped out of the truck. The air felt heavy, and it was quite a bit cooler than we thought it should have been.

We walked through the graveyard searching for a specific headstone.  Legend had it there was a headstone with the name Michael Myers on it. (now, I’m fully aware Michael Myers is a fictional character…but we were kids)  After some searching, we found it.

We eventually got bored and decided to pack it in, as there was a farmer who lived across the street from the abandoned house and chased anyone off who tried to enter, so we knew that was a bust on this night. We headed back towards the truck and were set to leave….but as I approached the truck, my chest began to tighten and I was feeling some dizziness.  I brushed it off and hopped in the shotgun seat of the truck.

At this point, I was overcome with a feeling I cannot properly describe.  I felt compelled to remove my jewelry and my belt. I told my friends to give me five minutes alone.  I stepped from the truck, and approached the cemetery again. I walked into the trees and out of sight of the truck.

Just as the light from the headlights was no longer visible, I felt a pounding in my chest.  At first, I thought it was my heart but as it increased in ferocity and it began to feel as if something was trying to beat its way out from inside.  Then i heard screaming. It was the loudest thing I have heard in my life.  But it was coming from inside me, and at that moment, I felt as though I was picked up like a child and thrown against a tree.

(From this point on in the story I remember nothing.  It’s from my friends point of view)

After several minutes of waiting, my friends decided to come find me.  They expected me to be playing a trick or planning to scare them. They searched for a minimum of 15 minutes, but were unable to find me.

Finally, they returned to the truck and pulled out onto the road to use the headlights.  It was then that they found me sitting against a tree with my head resting against it.  They approached to find my eyes rolled into the back of my head and dirt covering my face.  Every branch on that side of the tree was broken off up to about 12 feet.  After many minutes of trying, they finally woke me.  I was delirious and remember nothing of the ride home.  We discussed things later that night.  They were filled with fear and doubt and were relieved that the night was over.  Or so we thought; in fact, things had only just begun.

To be continued…..

Justin Bjarnason the TruthSeeker on Twitter @TruthFinderX
(A simple man on a never ending quest to find the hidden truths of our world and the worlds beyond..)

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