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  • Putnam6 says:

    Okay so I’ve got the flu and have been catching up by binge listening to Into the Fray… been picking topics I like or have an experience with. Really dig the time slip stories have noticed many have driving involved just like Vance’s, so did mine and you do go WTF just happened. Jennifer’s experience with her kids is just creepy, but I know my daughters when they were younger were more in tuned to stuff paranormal or otherwise. Think a lot of people can sense things but choose to block it out or dismiss it, #1 cause most times it sounds crazy even when you just tell it to close family or friends, no matter how legit it is to you. #2 finding a balance just for yourself, I mean we got jobs ,life,responsibilities this kind of stuff just doesn’t fit into main stream lifestyles. So you dismiss it, ignore it till something reminds you of it and you want answers, real answers. Good to hear real people dealing with the same stuff. Keep the shows coming…

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