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  • Bruce says:

    Great Guest!! I find his theories are very interesting. thumbs up great show!!

  • WisGuy says:

    This guy has more encounters with Fortean phenomenon than any three or four other prominent researchers of the mysterious and unknown combined. I also note that his personal e-mail address includes “420” in it, the universal number adopted by druggies and stoners to acknowledge their use of recreational pharmaceuticals. I would say that those two facts combined render him less-than-fully credible and beg the question whether he has used hallucinogens recently or suffered flashbacks from past use of them. This guy reminded me of a kid I knew in elementary school who was far more interesting than any of us, and who used to boast about getting his black belt in karate at age 8 and how he and his dad would hunt tigers and leopards in the Smoky Mountains.

    I wonder how many of the individuals who are making reports to ITF or other investigators of seeing something extraordinary and outside the bounds of established science are making good faith reports of what they believe they saw, but their encounters occurred while under the influence of hallucinogenic substances or having a flashback from an earlier LSD, peyote, etc… trip. While I doubt that many people would readily admit to using hallucinogenic drugs on-air, it would be interesting if Shannon could ask every guest off-air about their drug use, not to record about specific individuals, but to accumulate a significant sample size over time and see what sort of percentage of those claiming to have witnessed these phenomenon were using some sort of mind-altering substance in the period immediately prior to the encounter or have used substances that have flashbacks.

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