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    Great show Shannon!! Great questions!

  • WisGuy says:

    This guy lost all credibility with me when he announced that he had amazing photographic/video proof of the dogman but the person who took that footage doesn’t want it released.

    Does this sound at all familiar? Does the name “Rick Dyer” ring any bells? Dyer, probably the most infamous, dishonest and despicable of all the cryptid hoaxers, claimed several years back that he had a body of a sasquatch that he shot outside of San Antonio, Texas, he kept threatening/promising to release it, but then refused and then kept telling everyone he had the body but he wasn’t going to show anyone.

    This is also quite akin to the bigfoot habituators who claim that they have become friendly with their local, neighborhood ‘squatches but when asked for proof of this, in the form of photos or videos, they then make one or both of two highly implausible claims: first, they claim it would be “a betrayal of our trust and friendship” to take a photo of one of their big hairy buddies, a ridiculous cop-out excuse if ever one was uttered out in the woods. Second, these habituator types claim that sasquatch is so perceptive and smart that there is no possible way of taking one’s photo, in any event, because they would hide at the mere sight or smell of a camera and would always spot a trail cam/camera trap no matter how well-hidden. This second excuse makes no sense at all – a creature is so wary and perceptive that it can understand what a small, hidden plastic and metal box is and know to avoid it, yet when they approach a roadway, they don’t notice the large metal monster with the two bright shining eyes noisily approaching until the last moment and are surprised by a car coming along as they stride across the road? No, no way. Something that cannot hide until a car or truck passes by is not going to be able to avoid a trailcam.

    Unless there was a truly unique and extremely plausible excuse and set of circumstances, I think I would adopt a nearly-automatic policy of declaring that anyone who claims to have conclusive proof of a cryptid but refuses to release it for examination is to be considered a crackpot, wackjob, and/or liar.

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