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  • WisGuy says:

    Very interesting and down-to-earth guest. Ordinary and typical people like Doug add much to the credibility of cryptozoology.

    I find it curious that those who investigate the mystery primates in the Salt Fork State Park area seem to call them bigfoot whereas I know that one of the regional names for bigfoot is the “grassman” in Ohio. When Ohioans are referring to the grassman, is that term more typically used in another part of Ohio? I have a lot of relatives who live in the northern portion of Ohio and none of them had ever heard of the grassman or known of the significant numbers of bigfoot sightings in their state.

  • WisGuy says:

    Of course, having just posted that, I scrolled down the ITF episode list and saw that Episode 14 is entitled “The Grassman of Salt Fork.”

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