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  • jimmer says:

    speedtest: 45 mg—huh? (that’s hilarious)

  • DonRay says:

    There, finally caught up…… I have a question, i’ve heard a lot of these blk eyed stories,, Do you(Shannon, Sam, Ryan) think there is a religious parameter to these encounters?

  • TheLOM003 says:

    Hey I’m from New Zealand, I remember that ufo story and they said for the speed its was more than 120 kilometers per hour not miles. Which should work out to be about 75 miles per hour but you guys are most likley right it about being a plane or some sort

  • Sprague51 says:

    Hey DonRay. As to your question about BEKs having a religious parameter. In talking with researcher, David Weatherly, he has come across many accounts where those who’ve experienced these children have seen it as a negative religious experience (ie: demonic). I remember even hearing that they could be versions of the Djinn, which are mentioned frequently in the Quran and other Islamic texts. The Quran says that the Djinn are physical in nature, being able to interact in a tactile manner with people and objects and likewise be acted upon. The Djinn, humans, and angels make up the three known sapient creations of God. Like human beings, the Djinn can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have free will like humans. There are versions of this also found in many Christian texts as well. I would have to say that there must be something demonic about these children since they leave nothing but trails of terror, unease, and just pure negative energy wherever they go. Hope this helps. And this is just my opinion. Would love to hear anyone else’s!

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