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  • Mark_Henson says:

    My question is, if you see something in the sky and do not know what it is, by definition is it automatically an Unidentified Flying Object?

    • Sprague51 says:

      Absolutely. If the unidentified target described by the witness is an object it seems appropriate to refer to it as a UFO. If it is a light then it is not an object(as far as the witness could tell) and calling it a UFO is inaccurate. There are luminous phenomena that appear as singular balls of lights that are clearly natural and others where that determination is not so certain so the assumption that anything correctly labeled as a UAP is an alien artifact is incorrect. Of course, that is not to deny cases that are provocative in that regard we are simply trying to resolve that what was seen was a UAP as it is defined. In this way, if we stick to these standards, the cases that are categorized as UAP will be very well documented and contribute to the overall analysis of the situation.

  • purplerose says:

    Love the guys from Expanded Perspectives! Another good one Shannon!

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