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  • Mark_Henson says:

    I use to be able to see others that were listening, but not anymore

  • says:

    Great Show Shannon!! Would like to hear some of his ghost stories.

  • Kay says:

    Sorry Sam, but the thylacine has never been seen in New Zealand. Definitely an Austrailian only marsupial from Tasmania, and possibly now Tennessee. The only native animals in New Zealand are birds, no four legged animals, worse luck. Nice to see New Zealand mentioned though.

  • DonRay says:

    Loved the show,,,,,, i do need to say that, the city of Brockton has always been in that list of towns officially… It is one of the seven towns,,, I will say again, most of these oddities happen outside of the triangle.. My family has been there for over 200yrs….. There are many sites in the Hock Swamp not known to non-locals.. burial mounds, 1 large rock surrounded by smaller rocks..Indian man-made cave, Indian effigies. Inscriptions in rocks.. all those are never talked about. Clay Banks is not in the swamp, its part of a different aquifer system.. Would like to know where his sighting and dog attack happened. I had mentioned recently about the wolf we pulled out of a river in the swamp, we also found a old cash register(Pop-up $ amounts) with a skeleton tied to it, we found a Indian canoe, we also got attacked by a snapper, while we were in the canoe,,It rammed the canoe couple times.. approx 3′ dia white/gray shell….. A black water snake atleast 8-10′ long…. The adventures never end out there…. Did you actually go into the swamp Shannon? What town? If you ever go there again, you should remember me.. i can get u into the swamp more easily than most,,,easy directions.. If Mykull wants to go out there with me, have him contact me… I am lead investigator in my group in Eastern Mass now… would love the company.. Keep up the good Shannon.. or is there a way i can contact Mykull?… also i had mentioned, to get ahold of a copy of Boston Herald April 1998.. Bigfoot in Bridgewater.. not the partial article that is in the Bridgewater Triangle website.. but the actual newspaper.. good article.. The satan worshipping in Freetown was done by locals.. they were caught… police, well known towns people were part of it,,, i could go on and on.. Ciao

  • DonRay says:

    1 more tidbit… Late one December evening, search and rescue put a boat in the water to come looking for me and my buddies.. We got a late start in the canoe, we probably shouldn’t have gone 151 fishing, but with a snow storm coming, it seemed the thing to do.. After spending most of the daylight breaking ice just so we could progress 3′ at a time, we decided to start our 151 fishing trip, before we got to our actual fishing spot. We arrived at our destination at the time we planned to leave to go back to vehicle…. We figured an extra 30 mins 151 fishing wouldnt hurt one bit,,OUCH!… The trip back consisted of a flipped canoe, i almost drowned, because my 2 buddies swam to shore and left me to get oars, canoe, bottle shaped tackle box, all with winter jacket and boots on..I also remember standing naked in the swamp drying our clothes around the fire… Finally made it back to car, it got dark before we flipped canoe,,, So it was well past sundown(4hrs) by the time we saw blue flashing lights coming down river… We knew it was obvious we had been 151 fishing, so we pulled canoe and dropped it in a irrigation ditch, until the flashing blue lights had passed us…. We really had no idea they were lookin for us….. So we silently got back to my car, loaded canoe,,and tried to sneak away…Damn reverse lights!!! The lone cop blocked us in a dirt road, and refused to let us leave…. They made us wait until everyone returned,, I think they wanted us to admit to fault or try to lay a guilt trip on us,,, After they loaded the boat and got everything packed, we applauded them, no more attempts were made to lay blame or guilt…..There was a large bill they thought i was going to The person that called the cops, ended up paying… My name is well known in that area, for my excursions into the swamp….. as my dad did, and his dad…… 🙂

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