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  • CryptoCraig says:

    Okay, two thoughts.

    One–When Stephanie started talking about loving horror in all forms. Do you suppose people who’ve had paranormal encounters are more prone to being drawn to horror? Like some sort of connection between horror and personal experience with it? Personally, I love horror, and my mom was totally into horror and we’ve both had a history of paranormal experiences.

    Two–when I was little, I had some kind of experiences. Stephanie talking about her mom dragging her out because she was not just crying but horrible screaming brought back memories. Do you suppose when you’re in that 2-5 age range, kids are somehow more open or able to see those kinds of things, which may draw entities to them? That whole principle of when other things become aware you’re aware of them, it draws their attention?

    Or maybe people who are more sensitive to the paranormal may be able to sense and draw weird things.


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