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  • jimmer says:

    now that you, shannon, sound great with your new microphone, you may want to get your
    audio partners and guests to sound as good. currently, you sound clear, your guest, jimmy, and partner, sam,
    sound like they’re in a deep, muffled barrel.

    art bell solved the problem by requiring guests and requesting callers use (free) skype, which sounds excellent.

    fun show, btw…

  • DonRay says:

    Shannon…..Do you think its the board, that is cause of the activity following and or during a Ouija session?….. I’m leaning towards the people involved…. I hear or read a lot of stories like this, where family members or friends have these experiences……. Those are the strongest bonds.. family & friends.. I think collectively they have the resource,, collective consciousness… The bond is already there with these groups of people. I mean look what happens when a ‘group'(or more than one) of women live together.. Their bodies sync up… not only that, they sync up with the cycle of the moon, if you believe in that… but think about that, it takes a ‘group’ of synced women to mimic the cycle of a celestial body, not one person… You can understand why and how like minded societies in the past accomplished incredible feats…, Keep up your good work Shannon…. Ciao

    • Thanks Don for listening in…yeah I’m not really sure. I do think in some cases our minds can be a powerful tool and help guide responses and/or become a conduit for certain things. It may have nothing to do with the board at all, like you said.

  • orangeluckypierre says:

    Who would play the ITF hosts in a movie?

    Shannon LeGro – Minnie Driver (UK actress)
    Ryan Sprague – Meg Ryan (in the early years)
    Sam Shearon – Dave Hill (out of the UK band Slade)

    I’ve done some funny Photoshop images If I can upload them somewhere?

  • says:

    Hi Shannon!
    As soon as I seen your post about the show I had to listen to it immediately. I had a Ouija board when I was in 5th grade I got it for Christmas. I was to scared to use it because of the stories I had heard. I had a very strange experience with it when I was about 22. I ended up trying it with a couple of guys. One guy I did not know and the other did not know enough about me to understand the questions I would ask. I focused on my father who died when I was 3. The answers I received to my questions were correct even when I asked his what his initials were. I played it with my eyes closed. I was barely touching the planchette. I did not want to influence it. It scared me but I was so intrigued. I like to believe it was my father guiding the planchette to answer my questions. I even asked questions I did not know the answers. My experience was freaky but I look at it as a positive one. I was to young to remember my father but I have always felt his presence. I have always believed he is my guardian angel and he was able to communicate with me through the Ouija board. I had not thought of this for many years. When I seen your post about the show, it came back to me instantly. Thanks for another great show!!

  • WisGuy says:

    I have a Ouija board experience: yesterday, I stopped by my favorite local brewpub to quench a Friday afternoon thirst, ordered a flight for myself and a root beer for my daughter, and we took the pub’s Ouija board to an outside table. We followed the directions, called out to the local spirits, and just then heard an ominous rumbling.

    However, it turned out to be a nearby semi-truck hitting his jake brakes. We were not able to get a the pointer to move a nanometer in any direction.

    After taking the board back inside and confessing our lack of luck, the assistant bartender admitted she had ordered the board only a few months ago from Amazon. That, and the “Hasbro [TM]” logo on the front of the box probably caused any nearby spirits to avoid us like we had Egon Spengler standing behind us, aiming his proton pack in their direction.

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