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  • DonRay says:

    Hey Guys & Gal….. Congrats on your 25th….. good show…… Yes, i think Courtney is guilty,,,, Ciao

  • DonRay says:

    I forgot to comment on thought-forms……. its hard to believe in that… I think God would have been seen more often,,,Ciao 🙂

    • orangeluckypierre says:

      Hi Don,
      I agree it was a great show.

      Have you read Carl Jung “Flying saucers a modern myth of things seen in the skies”. It’s very compelling. If we look a little deeper at the common archetypes of modern man (not just the Christian concept of god being a old man with a beard) then by viewing mandalas and discs in the sky (ying and yang symbol for example) is a way of viewing God.

  • Binks1 says:

    The whole argument that Christians would somehow become “monsters” if they ever found out God doesn’t exist is both idiotic and worrying.
    I’m a European, I’m also an atheist. Would you like to know how many women I’ve raped, and people I’ve murdered because of my disbelief in God?

    I suspect you already guess that it’s zero!
    The idea that the only thing stopping Christians from committing atrocities is their belief in God sure casts a poor light on them!

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