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  • acrylicsandartist says:

    Hello Shannon:) Your voice comes across perfect!

    Christopher Soucy telling his ghost story
    when he was age six.
    That poor guy to have an experience at such a young age!
    The house of untold horrors sharing disgusting secrets
    of it’s past.
    Would I seek such a house? Not in this life time!
    I’m a believer of the paranormal and have witness many paranormal things.

    Christopher’s investigating Savannah’s grave yards, for that matter any grave yard, while snooping
    through grave yards, I’m afraid of
    spirits-ghosts attaching them selves to you as you leave to go home.
    Then again, if you harm grave sites, own-up to what could happen next.

    Christopher, you’ve witness the Devil, not many have. Hope it’s your last.

    Excellent show!:)!

  • DonRay says:

    I am one of those, that have looked & looked for UFO’s and sasquatch all my life, from what i can remember,,,, Only in the past year, i had a sighting of both… I cant agree with that one statement made….. I never had a ounce of disbelief…… I think we’ve all been constructed to think a certain way……. None of us start off believing in the paranormal, its the stories, the evidence, that change our beliefs,,,,,, The underlying disbelief is in anyone who thinks the existence of such things is foolish, and nonexistent.,,,, Other than that, good listening 😀 Thanx Shannon………………..Ciao

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