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  • JamesSalsido says:

    First of all, I always sorry to hear just how traumatic some paranormal / supernatural experiences are to others. As frightening as all of mine have been, most of them have been tame compared to what I’ve heard from others, including the experiences Mike shared in this episode.

    Two things really caught my attention in this episode because I can totally relate to them.

    1) The fact that the guest had his experience(s) when he was around 12 years old. I was also right around that age when I had my first experience. As I grew older, I didn’t have experiences with the supernatural as frequently as I did at that time, but I still have experiences once in a while to this day. Usually these experiences take place within my own single-bedroom apartment.

    2) I believe that all works of art are glimpses into other dimensions and / or universes, and even other points in time as well. Sometimes when I am writing one of “my” stories, I feel like I am literally tuning in to the thoughts of other people in other places and times. And I write science fiction, which means that many of these characters / people do not exist in this particular dimension as of yet.

    Although this is always a great show, this episode will stay in my memory for a long time.

  • skillet06 says:

    It is only my theory that your cousin was cloned, I heard so many stories of abductees being onboard space crafts and seeing humans in glass tubes sitting in some sort of liquid and it totally fits with missing 411 from David paulites…

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