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  • DaveGibson says:

    Great show!

  • says:

    Great show, Really enjoyed it!!

  • ChrisT says:

    At the start of the show Sam poses the question of whether you would shoot a Sasquatch. This was not posed as “if your life was in danger” but more in terms of providing physical evidence for the creature’s existence.

    This morning, listening to the log ago podcast I was wondering why we don’t have droppings that could be attributed to the creatures. As much as the living ones are said to stink their spoor should be at least as odorous. Even if they buried their droppings like felines do there would still be droppings to be examined, complete with information on their diet and DNA from creature itself. If you can find where they bed down why can we not find droppings?

    Your guests made mention of being able to tell the difference between the tracks for the Salt Fork creatures and black bear sign. One factor they mentioned was that the bear tracks feature bear droppings in abundance. They did not, however, mention finding droppings from the creatures they were tracking.

    This, to me, would be a tangible form of evidence that we should be finding that as far as I am aware we have not found.

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