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  • ScottA says:

    I love Stephen King and I was listening to you give the pages he will not stop on when reading a book because those digits add up to 13. I never thought about this sort of thing. I thought about adding the digits from the number for our house which is 157. 1+5+7=13.

  • D_RaWkZ says:

    Stephen King actually teamed up with Shooter Jennings on his album Black Ribbons. It is a dystopian concept album.
    It features Stephen doing dialogue before the songs, and one of the songs on the album is “Triskaidekaphobia”. He calls
    himself will o the wisps, in true King fashion. He plays a DJ giving dialogue before all free radio is shut down. If you
    want to hear the track, and dialogue by King it’s on youtube. He pronounces the word. Sounds like Google man was wrong lol. . Title fore the video is Triskaidekaphobia – Shooter Jennings & Hierophant.

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