01: The cave Pam mentioned seeing the being in…


02: A close-up of the cave


Pam’s “Fae in the River” by Chris Holm

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  • Black Dog says:

    Man with horns & hooves…agh….WTF?!??

  • Vanillafae84 says:

    Just heard the bit about leaving the coin for the Fae, maybe the coin had lead in it and that is why it reacted badly. Just a thought.

  • AutQast says:

    This is such a great episode!
    You touch on so many “things” & “others” , that we rarely get such a complete and insightful picture painted from this perspective and feel very lucky to have heard your guest tell her tales and life experiences, while also soaking up all the detailed info & knowledge she holds! I think we should definitely hear some more episodes with her??! **wink**

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