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  • highstrangeness says:

    —-aka — the 3rd Frick from the Mothman festival……

  • job says:

    good job shannon. like your style.

  • Beachdude says:

    Great show as usual!!

  • highstrangeness says:

    The caliber of the interview very high. You wouldn’t suspect that this show has only had a few outings. Good stuff.

  • treborrewop says:

    Pure awesomeness.

  • jimmer says:

    One of Paulides’ best interviews to-date and that’s saying a lot.

    I’m reading his latest. One large difference, from forest to these city missing 411 cases: all incidents of falling deaths are missing.
    To make these deaths appear ‘natural’ or to use natural elements to shroud the cause of death, only bodies of water are available for use.

    One day, all this evidence will direct us toward the real answer.
    Currently, I’m in the ‘ultra’, paranormal camp.

  • DonRay says:

    Awesome show Shannon… Dave always delivers……… Happy New Year Frayer’s…………. Ciao

  • acrylicsandartist says:

    Missing 411 with David Paulides…
    I’m sure David’s been ask this question many times,
    has he contact famous psychic Theresa Caputo for help
    with missing 411? If not Caputo, has he contact and ask
    for help of psychic’s? If not, why?

  • DonRay says:

    I just realized something… these cases sound more like an alien or faux alien abduction…… Someone i would investigate, is that cop that stopped the man for running a red light,, these people have to be chosen somehow.. I think they are just being dropped from above, if no water around, quarry. and they receive brain damage… landing in water wouldnt cause brain damage….. just a thought,,….Ciao

  • DonRay says:

    also.. that gentleman Todd,,, the reason a body will appear like a bobber is, bodies sink after drowning, then they bloat.. Gases are created, and the body floats and bobs, until it releases gases… Dave should have known that… also the bobbing gives a specific time of death…. I love this shit… great show.. Ciao

  • Ron says:

    crazy this – David Paulides said to his fans on facebook that another author copied him – if you check the books – he’s totally wrong – she wrote about the drowning boys before he did, she wrote about the hunters and “Predators” before he did! Steph Young “Predators in the Woods ” and other books – what a douche he is, she told him she was suing him.

    • WisGuy says:

      Ron, David Paulides is not a person of sound character. Do some research on him and you will find out that the cessation of his employment from law enforcement was not voluntary – he was using his badge to engage in deceptive activities and lost his law enforcement job for unethical behavior.

      Look up reviews of Paulides’ books on Amazon and you will find that the individual who has posted the several lengthiest 1/5-star reviews of his books has posted some very convincing material debunking most of Paulides’ theories. I’m not sure why this guy has such an axe to grind against Paulides, but grind and dispute he does, very well.

      Paulides’ claims of bigfoot abducting people in national parks ignores the myriad of reasons why people might go missing or die in a national park, including getting lost, suffering from starvation, dehydration, exposure or other debilitating health conditions, running into a meth lab or a cartel’s grow operation, mountain lions, etc….

      Paulides’ theories in this episode about the college guys dying ignores the obvious and likely, namely, that college is often the first time in a person’s life when he or she has to accept real-world adult responsibility and sometimes the pressure is too much, plus, not everyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, or other mental illness receives needed treatment, tells anyone about it, or even gives the appearance of suffering from a mental health problem. Not to mention that most of these college kids were drinking, alcohol effects everyone differently but as a depressant, it generally exacerbates a person’s depressed feelings as an evening of drinking drags on.

      I get the impression that David Paulides is trying to take advantage of the gullible and desperate, rather than promote any genuine ideas.

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