Into The Fray is about questions…  Questions that need answers.  We take our listeners to those questions and that’s what this is about.


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Past Life Phenomena

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As mentioned in Episode 33 of iNTO THE FRAY, when it comes to past lives, Carl Sagan did not brush off the scientific study of these phenomena, in fact, he…


The Haunted Air Base and Other Creepy Tales…

| Bigfoot, Blog, Into the Fray, Sasquatch, Shadow People, Strange Creatures, Strange Sightings | One Comment

Thanks to Pete for sharing these personal encounter stories.   I will start off at my youngest for chronos sake… Back in the early 80’s my Mother was going to…

boggy creek

KICKSTARTER for Boggy Creek Monster has begun!

| Bigfoot, Boggy Creek Monster, cryptid, Cryptids, Into the Fray, Sam Shearon, Sasquatch, Seth Breedlove, Small Town Monsters, Strange Creatures, Strange Sightings | No Comments

The Kickstarter for the film, Boggy Creek Monster has begun and the production team is in need of our help! They’ve had a great start, but more funds are needed…


A Hard Week for Skeptics

| Aliens, Conspiracy, Government Cover-Ups, Into the Fray, MUFON, Ryan Sprague, Somewhere in the Skies, Strange Lights, Strange Sightings, UFO's, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena | No Comments

by Ryan Sprague In the small fishing village of Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, things were pretty simple and quiet for this modest Canadian province. But on October 4th of 1967,…


UFOs: The Stiff Reality of a Flexible Phenomenon

| 51, Aliens, Blog, Conspiracy, Government Cover-Ups, Into the Fray, MUFON, NASA, Ryan Sprague, Somewhere in the Skies, Strange Lights, Strange Sightings, UFO's | One Comment

by: Ryan Sprague   When facing the UFO phenomenon head on, the most problematic question one may ask is actually the most simple: Are UFOs real? The answer is yes. The…

africa-21787_1280 (1)

The Ghost and the Darkness

| Amazing Animals, Into the Fray, Uncategorized | No Comments

The year is 1898 and British Army Lt Colonel John Henry Patterson is brought to East Africa from India to help aid in the construction of a railway bridge in…


Small Town Monsters-Boggy Creek Monster

| Bigfoot, Blog, cryptid, Cryptids, Into the Fray, Sasquatch, Strange Creatures | No Comments

Just announced at the 3rd Annual Boggy Creek Festival is the next film in the Small Town Monsters, cryptid-documentary series. The film is titled Boggy Creek Monster and will focus…

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Small Town Monsters-Beast of Whitehall

| Bigfoot, Blog, Cryptids, Into the Fray, Sasquatch, Strange Creatures | No Comments

Updates from The Small Town Monsters crew themselves will come soon! They will be joining us here on iNTO THE FRAY.   August, 1976: Three teens driving on an isolated…


jennifers episode

iTF 48 Stranger Things in Oregon

August 26, 2016


iTF 47 The Deer Lease

August 19, 2016


iTF 46 Visitors Imposition

August 12, 2016


iTF Auxiliary 08 Terra Obscura & Ufology with MJ Banias

August 9, 2016


iTF 45 The Farmhouse

August 5, 2016


iTF 44 iNTO THE RANDOM: Volume Two

July 29, 2016


iTF 43 Asian Hominids-Orang Pendek, Yeti and more with Daniel Antal

July 22, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.34.38 AM

iTF Auxiliary 07 Silver Screen Saucers with Robbie Graham

July 17, 2016


iTF 42 Humanoids, Masked Vigilantes and Classifying High Strangeness

July 15, 2016


iTF 41 Legend Stepped Into Reality

July 8, 2016


iTF 40 Strange States: South Carolina

July 1, 2016


iTF 39 PG Film, Killer Mentality and Tulpas

June 24, 2016


iTF 38 iNTO THE RANDOM: Volume One

June 17, 2016

Silhouette of young man looking up.

iTF Auxiliary 06 Looking Up

June 15, 2016

sightseeing in the undiscovered

iTF 37 Louisa Oakley Green

June 10, 2016


iTF 36 Ohio River Valley Mysteries

June 3, 2016


iTF Auxiliary 05 Search the Woods

June 1, 2016

doug waller 1

iTF 35 Bigfoot in Ohio with Doug Waller

May 27, 2016


iTF 34 Black Eyed Kids

May 20, 2016


iTF 33 Black Triangles, Disclosure and Intruders

May 13, 2016


iTF 32 Expanded Perspectives

May 6, 2016


iTF Auxiliary 04 Marie D Jones

May 3, 2016


iTF 31 A Haunting in Houston

April 29, 2016


iTF 30 Ghost: The True Story of One Man’s Descent into Madness and Murder

April 22, 2016

spec ops 1

iTF 29 Spec Ops and The Mystery Man

April 15, 2016

Import July 2015 265

iTF 28 The Bridgewater Triangle

April 8, 2016


iTF 27 Hellhounds of Route 666

April 1, 2016


iTF Auxiliary 03 The Messengers with Mike Clelland

March 26, 2016


iTF 26 St. Paddy’s Day Gathering with Micah Hanks

March 18, 2016

Deviant art-venomXbaby

iTF 25 The Ranger and the Bigfoot Eyewitness

March 11, 2016


iTF 24 Listener Stories: From Sasquatch, to Witches and Curses

March 4, 2016

squatch off track

iTF 23 Squatch Off Track

February 26, 2016


iTF 22 Ouija and the Unintended Guest

February 19, 2016

shadows cover

iTF 21 Shadows in the Woods: A Chronicle of Bigfoot in Maine

February 12, 2016


iTF 20 The Young Hunter and the Sasquatch

February 5, 2016


iTF Auxiliary 02 Listener Submission-Recent Creature Sighting in Britain

February 2, 2016


iTF 19 Jennifer Devillier-Medium and Author of Dark Night Haunting

January 29, 2016

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.31.47 AM

iTF Auxiliary 01 Aaron Mahnke of LORE Podcast

January 26, 2016


iTF 18 Cave Yellers of Kentucky

January 22, 2016


iTF 17 Strange States: Georgia

January 15, 2016


iTF 16 Eaters of the Trees

January 8, 2016


iTF 15 Haunted Las Vegas

January 1, 2016


iTF 14 The Grassman of Salt Fork

December 18, 2015


iTF 13 The 13 Club

December 11, 2015

nightmare in holmes

iTF 12 Nightmare in Holmes County

December 4, 2015


iTF 11 Growls from the Mountain State

November 27, 2015

small town monsters

iTF 10 Small Town Monsters

November 20, 2015


iTF 09 Strange Things in the Woods with Steve Stockton

November 13, 2015


iTF 08 Flying Saucers 101 with Harold Burt

November 6, 2015


iTF 07 Looking Up: A Halloween Hangout

October 30, 2015

Sas Stands Alone_opt

iTF 06 Boundaries Crossed

October 23, 2015


iTF 05 Robert Sberna on The Cleveland Strangler

October 16, 2015

Dave 1

iTF 04 David Paulides

October 9, 2015


iTF 03 Mister-Sam Shearon

October 2, 2015

ryan sprague

iTF 02 Ryan Sprague

September 24, 2015


iTF 01-Nick Redfern

September 18, 2015